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Decision Culture is a decision science firm with a vision of promoting data driven decision making in client organizations. We provide end to end analytics support - data engineering, operational business analytics, visualization & dashbording, artifical intellgence & machine learning. We provide the platform where academic statistical learnings can be used for real time business problems. We believe in learning over knowing & experimentation over expertise.

Decision Culture was founded in march 2o13 by Shushrut Adigon - a data scientist turned entreprenuer, We work with Fortune 500 clients from industries like Telecom, Technology, Retail, Insurance, and Banking, across the globe and have been recognized as one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world. Kristina Jensen started with Decision Culture in December 2018 and has been heading the US operations.

We help organizations design analytical roadmaps, solve complex business problems end-to-end, build Centers of Excellence and organize enterprise-wide learning programs

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